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Séminaire de Dermatologie Pédiatrique de l’Hôpital Necker

Séminaire de Dermatologie Pédiatrique de l’Hôpital Necker – Enfants malades – 21 Juin 2013

Maison de la Chimie – Paris

Présidents du Séminaire : Professeurs Christine BODEMER & Yves DE PROST.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer l’édition 2013 du Séminaire de Dermatologie Pédiatrique de l’Hôpital Necker – Enfants malades organisé conjointement par la Société Française de Dermatologie Pédiatrique (SDP) et la Société Française de Dermatologie (SFD).

Ce séminaire, qui maintenant a plus de 20 ans, est le rendez-vous classique que vous connaissez avec une matinée consacrée à des sujets variés, avec toujours le souci d’apporter une nouveauté ou une attitude pratique, l’après-midi cette année sera consacrée à thème dédié que nous communiquerons ultérieurement.

Ce séminaire s'adresse aux dermatologues et pédiatres libéraux ou hospitaliers, médecins généralistes, pharmaciens, internes et infirmières.

Le programme du Séminaire sera disponible en ligne dès Janvier 2013.



Vers un Outreau du médicament et de la santé dans l'affaire du Médiator de Servier ?

La question est certes provocante mais l?affaire du Mediator doit nous servir de prétexte pour nous interroger sur les faits et sur leurs interprétations,...

ICAD 2013


Dear Colleagues,

The ICAD 2013 intends to become the congress where physicians will be introduced to the latest techniques and knowledge in Anti-Aging and Aesthetic medicine, and attend high standard courses in the respective fields of these specialties.

We have prepared a scientific program that proposes the diversity of various disciplines with the scientific approach combining hot topics with timely reviews presented by outstanding plenary speakers and offering the point of view from different continents.

Moreover, the scientific program has been carefully designed to be highly PRACTICAL and interactive. Most of presentations will effectively correspond to an application in daily practice. A series of workshops on the latest developments in their respective fields will be waiting for your participation.

This Congress is therefore not one to be missed. Come and benefit from the wisdom and experience of internationally reputed speakers.
It will be an investment well spent and a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.

So please do avail yourselves of this stimulating and enjoyable opportunity.


Organised by The Dermatological Society of Thailand in collaboration with Euromedicom, the ICAD - International Congress in Aesthetic Dermatology - will be held on January, 24-25-26 2013 at the Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World, Bangkok in Thailand.

This global conference and exhibition will bring together ideas, suppliers and solutions in the field of aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine, enabling professionals to learn about ageing management. ICAD will be a landmark event dedicated to all aspects of this rapidly expanding field and will showcase the latest technologies and techniques of this billion US$ global market.

ICAD will provide you with a unique opportunity to promote your products and services in a region that represents one of the highest percentages of aesthetics and anti-aging consumers in the world.

• Aesthetics Breaking through to a wider audience
Aesthetic Medicine established the need to run a larger event, and matching this discipline with Anti-Aging is the ideal solution.
The aesthetic dermatology program will present excellent opportunities to bring the participants up to date with all important diagnostic and therapeutic developments in this medical field. Moreover, the aesthetics experts will share with you their knowledge and professional experience.

• Anti-Aging On the cusp of a revolution in longevity
Recent advancements in technology to detect, prevent and treat aging related diseases indicate that we are on the brink of a longevity revolution. These breakthroughs in science and medicine have led to anti-aging becoming a multi-billion dollar industry with over US$12 billion spent in the US alone.


Please find it here:


Sangtae AHN, Plastic surgeon South Korea

Chytra ANAND, Dermatologist India
Setthakarn Attakonpan, Dermatologist Thailand
Dario BERTOSSI, Maxillo-facial surgeon Italy
Tanom BUNAPRASERT, ENT specialist Thailand
Apirag CHUANGSUWANICH, Dermatologist Thailand
Jeffrey S. DOVER, Dermatologist USA
David FRIEDMAN, Dermatologist Israel
Nimrod FRIEDMAN, Plastic surgeon Israel
Philippe Garcia, Plastic surgeon France
Naiphinich KOTCHABHAKDI, Scientist  Thailand
Eran KRIEGER, Dermatologist Italy
Gustavo LEIBASCHOFF, Plastic surgeon USA
Grace Lopez, Dermatologist Philippines
Woraphong MANUSKIATTI, Dermatologist Thailand
Abdullah M. Nasrat, Surgeon Saudi Arabia
Alek NIKOLIC, Dermatologist South Africa
Hervé PADEY, Stomatologist France
Jamuna PAI, Dermatologist India
Damkerng PATHOMVANICH, Dermatologist Thailand
Éric PLOT, Plastic surgeon France
Sylvie POIGNONEC, Plastic surgeon France
Maria Cristina PUYAT, Dermatologic surgeon/AA practitioner Philippines
Jinda ROJANAMATIN,  Dermatologist Thailand
Eva SCHAUEFELE, MD & Psychoanalyst Germany
Xanya Sofra-Weiss, CEO, Arasys Perfector USA
Atchima SUWANCHINDA, Dermatologist Thailand
Chinmanas TANGCHATURONRASSAMEE, Dermatologist Thailand
Pakpilai THAVISIN, Aesthetic practitioner Thailand
Suthep UDOMSAWANGSAP, Plastic surgeon Thailand
Rungsima WanitphakdeedechA, Dermatologist Thailand
Vesarat WESSAGOWIT, Dermatologist  Thailand

Nouvelle lune du 23 Janvier 2012 que dit l'astrologue ...

Nous avons rendez-vous avec une Nouvelle lune très puissante en énergie qui nous demandera d?adopter un certain équilibre si l?on ne veut pas...

1st AMWC EEU - AMWC Eastern Europe 2013


Dear Colleagues,

The great success of the Advanced Course in Facial Aesthetics (14-15 September 2012 in Moscow, Russia) through the active participation and the fruitful joint collaboration between international and Russian experts working hand in hand, has paved the way for new inspiring events throughout Russia.
In this regard, the organizing committee is honored and very proud to announce the launching of the AMWC - Eastern Europe 2013 in Moscow on 14-15 June, 2013.
This new meeting 'AMWC Moscow' is designed to bring an update on aesthetic procedures and new technologies in a very practical and interactive format that will provide an unparalleled educational experience.
Physicians from all over the world will obtain the answers they seek from the program presenting the hottest new procedures, training sessions, live demonstrations, run by European and international experts in Aesthetic dermatology and Surgery.
During the coffee breaks and lunches offered on site, you will meet on the exhibition the top international aesthetic and anti-aging companies showcasing their services and products.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Moscow,
The Scientific Committee


Organizing committee

Scientific committee

Claude DALLE - Anti-Aging Physician - PAris, France

Vladimir KHAVINSON – Gerontologist  St. Petersburg, Russia
Ascanio POLIMENI - Neuro-Endocrinologist   Rome, Italy
George TOTCHIEV – Gynecologist  Moscow, Russia
Pierre BOUHANNA – Dermatologist  Paris, France
Ekaterina GUTOP – Dermatologist  Yaroslavl, Russia
Dalvi HUMZAH - Plastic Surgeon  Oxford, UK
Hervé RASPALDO – Face & Neck Surgeon  Cannes, France
Sabine ZENKER - Dermatologist Munich, Germany


Adieu le post et merci

Cette fois-ci c'est bien fini ! Adieu, au revoir à toutes et tous et merci pour ces échanges qui ont rythmé les deux ans que j'ai passé ici.AU...

Marrakech World Aesthetic Congress 2013


The second edition of Marrakech World Aesthetic Congress returns to the mystical splendour of the Palmeraie on November 8 & 9, 2013. The Inaugural Meeting of 2012 was an exceptional success thanks to the contribution of a constellation of international faculty who brought together rigorous scientific foundations and state of the art in the innovative fields of regenerative surgery and medicine as well as Aesthetic practice. It is for this reason that Marrakech World Aesthetic Congress is held under the Royal Patronage granted by His Majesty The King MOHAMMED VI for the advancement of regenerative and aesthetic medicine and surgery in the Kingdom of Morocco and worldwide.

The inaugural meeting was dedicated to young trainees of Moroccan academic institutions, trainees of Barts and the London School of Medicine who attended the congress. This year’s edition extends this dedication to all trainees of these innovative emerging fields worldwide continuing this educational spirit.


President of MWAC CONGRESS


The inaugural meeting was dedicated to young trainees of Moroccan academic institutions, trainees of Barts and the London School of Medicine who attended the congress. This year’s edition extends this dedication to all trainees of these innovative emerging fields worldwide continuing this educational spirit.


Henrique CINTRA, Fabio NAHAS, Nelson PICCOLO, Tony RUSTON  (Plastic Surgeon, Brazil); Wayne CAREY, Beatrice WANG  (Dermatologist, Canada); LINA TRIANA (Plastic Surgeon, Colombia); Hilkka PELTONIEMI (Plastic Surgeon, Finland); Benjamin ASCHER, Thierry BESINS, Guy MAGALON, Ali MOJALLAL, Bernard MOLE, Antoine PARASKEVAS (Plastic Surgeon, France); Philippe EVENOU (Dermatologist, France); Philippe KESTEMONT (Facial Plastic Surgeon, France); Marita Eisenman-Klein, IPRAS Secretary-General; Joachim Von FINCKENSTEIN (Plastic Surgeon, Germany); Giovanni BOTTI, Gianluca CAMPIGLIO, Daniel CASSUTO, Mario Pelle CERAVOLO, Fabio INGALLINA, Alessandra MARCHI, Gino RIGOTTI (Plastic Surgeon, Italy); Kotaro YOSHIMURA (Plastic Surgeon, Japan); Fahd BENSLIMANE, Rachid BRADLY, Nasser LAHLALI, Wafaa MRADMI, Souad TERRAB ( Plastic Surgeon, Morocco); Woffles WU (Plastic Surgeon, Singapour);  Bourraoui KOTTI (Plastic Surgeon, Tunisia); Ali GHANEM (Plastic Surgeon, United Kingdom); Sydney COLEMAN, Daniel Del VECCHIO, Constantino MENDIETA (Plastic Surgeon, USA), Robert WEISS (Occulo-Plastic Surgeon, USA)


Comité d'organisation

Dr Fabio INGALLINA; Dr. Fahd Benslimane; Dr. Henrique CINTRA; Dr. Wayne CAREY; Dr Souad TERRAB

L'association Pourquoi sang priver est intervenue à Lyon.

  A l?occasion d?un don du sang organisé par l?Etablissement français du sang, l?association Pourquoi sang priver est intervenue à Lyon, afin de sensibiliser...

34eme Congres National De Medecine Esthetique Et De Chirurgie Dermatologique


Congres national annuel consacré à la médecine, la dermatologie et la chirurgie esthetique


Formation Medicale Continue pour les medecins, les dermatologues et les chirurgiens effectuant des actes à visée esthetique

Vulve ou prépuce, that is the question ?

Avez-vous jamais vu une vulve incirconcise, avec ces lèvres ridées et proéminentes, ça a l'air abominable, n'est ce pas ?

Congres Sida

Formation Laser

Congres Infirmiers

Formation Parodontie

Congress 4u